BRC, IFS, ISO 22000:2005

Since February 2010 CGM Srl has been in possession of the certifications of its Food Safety System according to the BRC, IFS and ISO 22000: 2005 standards issued by Certiquality and make it one of the few Italian companies in the agro-food sector to have obtained them.

The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety was born in 1998 to ensure that branded products are obtained according to well-defined quality standards and in compliance with minimum requirements.

The IFS (International Food Standard) was developed by the operators of the large-scale retail trade in France, Germany and Italy, with the aim of managing processes and limiting risks, and today represents an international standard for product verification private label foodstuffs of the distributor, both retailer and wholesaler. Also adopted by the main Italian trade associations, this standard is applied at all stages of the production and transformation chain of raw materials from agriculture and livestock.

BRC and IFS are food safety standards recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), an international initiative, the main purpose of which is to strengthen and promote food safety throughout the supply chain.

The application of the BRC / IFS is therefore a necessary prerequisite for being able to export its products, and is a recognized guarantee tool for corporate reliability.

The acquisition and maintenance of these certifications over the years are therefore a source of pride for CGM, testifying to the constant commitment that the company has always made in placing the quality of its products and customer satisfaction at the center of its strategic choices.

Giuseppino Marinangeli

CE stamps

CGM makes the perfection of production processes its constant challenge. The increase in quality standards and the company monitoring system (based on the SAQ - Internal Quality Assurance Service), have enabled the acquisition of all the CEE stamps, which are now gathered under the only CEE 773 / L mark and have brought the CGM to obtain, from a suitable SINCERT accredited National Body, the Certification of its Company Quality Management System according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 standards. A rigorous control, which is not limited only to the internal phase of production, but also addresses the outside, as evidenced by the careful selection of suppliers, selected on the basis of the quality they ensure for the company.

IFS certificate dated 20.12.18 due. 10:01:21

ISO 22000 certificate of 15.01.19 exp. 6:01:22

BRC certificate of 20.12.18 due. 12/29/20