CGM Surgelati

Natural Frozen Food

High quality frozen foods both for frying and for baking.
The mission, however, is always the same: delight the most demanding palates.

Our history

CGM was born in 1986 from the union of professionalism and experience gained in commercial catering, strongly motivated to propose in the frozen food sector the integration between tradition and gastronomic research on the one hand and industrial technology of "cold" on the other.

The goodness of CGM proposals is known to the world of catering and bar catering: a goodness that turns into a competitive advantage to defend by renewing the offer: the exams, when the goal is to always offer the best, never end.


A laboratory between marketing and creativity

The frozen food sector is booming, the research and development department analyzes the consumption habits of the target audience in order to anticipate their tastes and gastronomic choices.

This is how CGM delicacies are born, with a touch of imagination and great care during the production phase: each specialty has a specific position on the market, perfectly capable of obtaining successful shares in value and volumes.

The mission, however, is always the same: delight the most demanding palates.

Frozen gastronomy is an art that needs professionalism, competence and naturally, space: the Pollenza plant has adapted to the needs of ever-increasing demand and to the company's commercial growth. CGM has thus created a operative center in which Marche culture and food tradition make use of new ideas and modern technologies: the production plant covers an area of ​​2000 square meters. owned by the company including the production and storage refrigeration systems for a total of 1400 m³.

No less important is the ability to combine gastronomic and organoleptic quality with production volumes on an industrial scale: the presence of a flexible organization, technologies with high production capacity, an accurate production planning make CGM a reliable partner also for the production needs of industrial companies and large-scale retail chains.

Reliability and punctuality of deliveries, technical advice for the optimal cooking of our products, possibility of tasting of products, realization of ad hoc products based on specific customer requests, etc. they represent ours support services to production and customer needs, making the idea of ​​CGM even better as a reliable commercial and production partner.

In such a sparkling environment, everyone pursues a truly unique and important goal: customer satisfaction.

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