Forbidden to find oneself in potentially crowded places, it is forbidden to gather in church to pray, forbidden to access public exercises, forbidden to go to the theater and to the cinema, forbidden to go to school. In this climate of prohibitions, especially the Northern Regions have lived in recent weeks. Obviously, the activities in direct contact with the public and their suppliers have been affected and are the first to suffer from this surreal climate.

The impacts on tourism and catering businesses are heavy following the recent developments related to the spread of Coronavirus in Italy. Without going into the merits of the adequacy of the measures taken, the operators certainly experienced two inconveniences; that of an unclear communication that feeds uncertainties and fears and that of the lack of immediate and clear support measures.

The situation changes week by week, in some Regions schools are closed, the premises open… .but you have to keep your distance, beyond the ordinance, you live, in all areas, a chilling climate of uncertainty and fear, in which there is no desire to spend and the desire for sociability is eliminated.

How have bars and restaurants in the worst affected areas reacted in this period? And how can we better resume our normal activity by limiting the economic damage that the coronavirus will bring with it?


Milan suspended to try to stem the Covid 19 epidemic that is affecting all of northern Italy and Lombardy in particular, but never stopped. If it was not possible to remain physically united - the measures of the ordinance, now lightened, have closed schools, gyms and clubs for the whole week - citizens and have not found themselves close at least in the virtual world. And the flag of solidarity has been translated with a hashtag: #Milanononsiferma. The viral spread - at the time of writing has been used for over 3,000 Instagram posts and it's among the trends on Twitter - it originated from the mayor's hands Beppe Sala. Who on the morning of February 27 shared a video on his profiles that tells of the resilience of the Milanese, of their desire to go on and never stop. Within five hours he was seen - only on his page - by over 200 thousand people. And it is making the rounds of social networks.

The other hashtags

And in this case too Milan tries to ferry Italy out of the crisis. From #Milanononsiferma we moved on to #litalianonsiferma. And there are those who have tried these days to gather even those who try to ease the tension with a little irony. The hashtag was widely used, especially on Twitter #cineAmuchina, which tore laughter with photos describing the frantic search for hand sanitizing gel in every shop in the city. And for those who want to continue on the path of irony, the Milanese Imbruttito also puts himself to his fans who points out the positive sides of the semi-empty Milan that defends itself from the coronavirus: "The ring road is done in 20 minutes".

In addition to being virtual, however, the network was also real. Over 60 restaurants and bars gathered in record time in a spontaneous association called "Union of Italian catering brands". The aim is to economically and psychologically support volunteers and operators. In the moment of maximum difficulty, relationships are built and opportunities are created, as always happens in a dynamic and proactive city.

What else can you do for our bars and restaurants?

Here are some tips that, as entrepreneurs on the market for many years, we feel like giving you:


Use all the channels you have to make it clear that you are open, make up for the lack of clarity of the ordinances that follow one another! Put clearly visible signs, remembering any limitations and the presence of precautionary measures.

Ask for help from your own customers who, perhaps through social networks, can help send positive messages while they are in your restaurant


They too will be afraid, we must more than ever motivate and reassure them by sharing with them the behavioral guidelines that come from the relevant bodies or that we give ourselves internally


Win the resistance by promoting the products you know are most in demand. Reducing margins is never good, but rather than leaving the turnover at zero...

Or take advantage to amaze everyone with new dishes, new cocktails, new menus.

Obviously we at CGM will know how to inspire you, when it comes to news nobody beats us!


If you really don't want to leave home it's time to try if you haven't already done so, with home deliveries. As happened in the world of work, where forced quarantine has made smart working reevaluate, trying a different sales channel you may notice that there are many possibilities that even in "normal" conditions you are not grasping. Here we will have turned a harmful event into an opportunity


At this moment you need liquidity, so try to get back the money that your debtors owe you, perhaps take advantage of a little more calm to dedicate yourself to this activity.


We can break down and cry over our misfortunes or we can react with the strength and irony that only the Italian people can bring out in the face of difficulties, let's take the example of the Ascoli restaurateur who exposed this sign and beat the virus with shots of beer!